About the book

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More Love To Give is my memoir of our journey through four rounds of IVF treatment in a quest to fulfil a desperate desire to have and love a second child.

Trying for a second baby posed different challenges to trying for a first with the confusing emotions of frustration, shame and feeling greedy when we knew we were lucky to have one child.

I knew I was lucky to have Zac but my joy at having him only sought to make my desire for another child even stronger. I felt guilty for wanting another and angry when friends said “but at least you have Zac”

Secondary Infertility is hugely common, yet rarely understood or spoken about. You feel isolated and distant from the fertile, baby world that you long to be part of and yet you are cast aside from the Infertility community, who see you as already being lucky.

Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, this is my frank and honest account exploring the physical, mental and emotional challenges we faced going through IVF when we were fortunate to have a child but felt we still had more love to give.



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5 thoughts on “About the book

  1. Verity

    First baby arrived in the world with no effort at all. Five years of trying (including three rounds of IVF) and I still haven’t been able to have a second baby. Pure torture. Don’t think I’ll ever come to terms with my fate.


  2. Sarah

    Comment: What can I say! So so true! We have three beautiful boys but unfortunately from eight pregnancies. I had my first son as normal, then three ectopics (one of which burst and emergency surgery) and two early miscarriages. My ivf consultant told me to try just one more time naturally as I could conceive, I had to leave before I punched him!
    My son would ask weekly for a baby brother, frustrated would ask grandparents instead as his Mummy wasn’t listening…. We were trying so hard. Finally the ivf chap was right, one more time worked. My last tube which had survived two ectopics ( treated with chemo rather than removal) we had our second son, eight months later number 3 pregnancy was confirmed. He arrived early weighing under 5lbs. Everyday I look at my boys and I realise how lucky I am. I did everything at the time to become pregnant. Took over my life. I took up acupuncture, I cooked and drank Chinese herbs, I fought an Ivf consultant! I chased my hubby around the house with ovulation kits… The list is endless. But I completely understand what this book is for. It would have helped to have read about someone else going through the same experience. You do feel shameful as you have one child, but that gap cannot be explained, the family was not complete. No one understood. The worst point was after the burst ectopic, seeing my son for the first time and realising I could have left him with no Mum, the quest for more children could have left my only son alone. We are lucky, we overcome our challenge, sharing that with someone else who understood would have been so much easier. I admire you for putting those feelings into words, there is a need for this. Sorry if I have waffled, two glasses of wine for the end of the working week .. I hope you get the support for this book x


  3. Annette

    I had my first child in 1990, unplanned and in my final year at uni it was a shock to say the least but a very loved baby then at 34 in 2002 had my second – a very planned baby, when he was around 5 years old my husband FINALLY agreed we could have another but that much wanted pregnancy never happened. I tried clomid but as we had 3 children between us we agreed IVF wasn’t for us. I get my baby fix at work but will always miss my much wanted 3rd baby. No matter whether you have one child or ten that longing for a baby never goes away. Look forward to reading your book.




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